Classical-Romantic Guitar Music


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Johann Kaspar Mertz
Nr.1 Fantaisie Originale op.65/2 (mp3)
Mauro Guiliani
Nr.6 Rossiniana No. 1 op.119 (mp3)


Ulrich Busch conveys the genius of these compositions as a firework of emotions.

It is a synthesis of romantic enamel and crystal clear virtuosity.
A fine conjunction of refined musical taste and an utmost sensitive shaping of the inner musical structure.

No doubt, Ulrich Busch is a great artist.
A moving presentation of this music and he really makes a precise statement.

Glowing – a romantic spark in the classical guitar firmament.
(Gak III/98)

Crystal clear and brilliant, technically perfect and in the highest degree musically.
It is a pleasure and great fun to listen to him.
(Fred Harz/Cologne)